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DWI Defense

DWIs are driving offenses in New Jersey, but should not be taken lightly. Municipal prosecutors take drunk and impaired driving cases very seriously. There are serious repercussions to getting a DWI and proper representation is necessary to navigate through each step of the legal process. Whether it is a first DWI or a third (or subsequent) there are fines, loss of license and possible jail time each defendant faces. It is necessary to have experience attorneys by your side to provide to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you need legal advice to make sure all your interests are being protected. Explaining all the details of the contracts, working with your realtor, going over the home inspection, finding a Title Agency, and closing the sale are all functions that an attorney is needed for when you are purchasing or selling a home. There are times it is necessary for an attorney to advise a client when it is time to walk away from a deal that is not in the client's best interest. The experienced attorneys at O Connor & O Connor have years of experience of providing these services and will make sure the client's interests are their first priority.

Criminal Defense

When you are charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey you cannot ignore the situation and hope it just goes away. There needs to be a proactive approach to your defense in any matter, and an experienced attorney is needed. From the onset of the case, the State will aggressively prosecute each case to the fullest extent. Each client needs to be informed of the different possible outcomes, and any diversionary program that might be available to them. O Connor & O Connor has experience in representing clients from the initial arrest through trial. We can inform you of what pre-trial motions are necessary, including when it is appropriate to file a bail motion or motion to dismiss. We can provide the prosecutors any mitigating discovery to work out a better plea bargain, or take the case to trial if that is in the client's best interest. When facing aggressive prosecutors, you need an aggressive defense attorney to make sure your rights are being protected.

Estate Planning and Will Preparation

The purpose of an estate plan is to ensure that your assets are distributed as you see fit and to minimize or avoid any tax issues. O Connor & O Connor can prepare the three documents necessary for a property estate plan. The documents are a will that describes the distribution of your assets, a power of attorney concerning your assets that allows a trusted family member or friend to act on your behalf while you are disabled and a "living will" that permits another to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become disabled. Tax avoidance is really important in New Jersey because of the low threshold of the New Jersey Estate Tax of $675,000.00.

Traffic/Municipal Court

Many people make the mistake of representing themselves in municipal court cases or when they get a traffic ticket. Municipal prosecutors have no obligation to provide you with the best offer. You need a defense attorney that has the experience in handling these matters and knows the ins and outs of the municipal court systems. If you are charged with a minor drug offense, speeding or other driving offense, municipal ordinance or any disorderly persons offense, you do not want to face the court system by yourself. O Connor & O Connor can provide you with an experienced attorney to help resolve your matter and provide peace of mind when dealing with your case.

Civil Rights

At times public entities, public officials or public employees take steps that violate the rights of individuals. O Connor and O Connor has handled more than 250 cases represented parties in Civil Rights litigation. If your civil rights have been violated and you have sustained serious injury, you need to have a lawyer who knows the "ins and outs" of civil rights litigation in both New Jersey courts and federal courts.


Whether you are a landlord dealing with an unruly tenant or a tenant who has had their security deposit wrongly withheld, the attorneys at O Connor & O Connor can help. We can advise you on eviction procedures and help to either evict or defend an eviction. We can explain the New Jersey statutes for when it is appropriate to withhold the security deposit, and we can help get your security deposit back when it has been wrongfully withheld. We are also available to go over any lease agreement, and tell you the best ways to protect yourself when you are either the lessee or the lessor.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. If you are considering filing for a restraining order, or need to defend a restraining order brought against you, you should have competent counsel helping you at every hearing. There are significant repercussions when a restraining order is granted and need to an experienced attorney to help explain what will happen prior to any hearing. Whether you need to get a restraining order against someone, or someone has filed a restraining order against you, the attorneys at O Connor & O Connor can help you through the process.